Month: March 2022

Snowflake launches industry-specific data cloud for retail

Snowflake on Monday launched Retail Data Cloud, a new industry-specific platform designed for retail organizations. The Retail Data Cloud, unveiled during the Shoptalk retail conference in Las Vegas, is the fourth industry-specific data cloud introduced by Snowflake, following financial services, advertising media…Read More »

4 Common Industrial Marketing Challenges [And Solutions]

The recently released second edition of The Marketing In Manufacturing Report revealed a number of challenges for the manufacturing sector. Creating enough high-quality content, measuring success and a lack of strategy have all reappeared as major challenges for industrial marketers. In this…Read More »

Retrofit and the Circular Economy

This week’s Thought Leadership piece comes from Karl Brown, Associate, who looks at the importance of retrofit in architecture and how we need to implement a circular lifecycle for existing buildings. “Where we can’t retain or repurpose buildings entirely, we should be…Read More »

GND SOLUTIONS | Business Connect Magazine

An Innovative Global Trendsetter In The IoT Industry As the world witnesses the rise in benefits of using the Internet of Things, businesses have found its unique features advantageous in accomplishing all their major tasks in this hyper-connected techno world. A system…Read More »

Epicor ERP adds low-code BI with Grow acquisition

Epicor is adding more business intelligence to its ERP products with the acquisition of Grow Inc. Grow’s low-code BI product is aimed at average business users, although it has capabilities for more complex analysis by data scientists, according to the company. It…Read More »